COVID-19 vaccine market landscape

Findings from the Expression of Interest (EOI) that UNICEF conducted with developers and manufacturers on their plans for COVID-19 vaccines.

A girl wrapped in a blanket clasps her hands, at Model Primary School for Girls, in the village of Girani in Balochistan Province, Pakistan, in 2006.


The document includes findings from the Expression of Interest (EOI) that UNICEF conducted in June with 28 developers with a COVID-19 vaccine in human trials and manufacturers that already supply vaccines to UNICEF, who shared their annual production plans for COVID-19 vaccines through 2023.

According to the timelines the manufacturers indicated, the span from development to production could be one of the fastest scientific and manufacturing leaps in history.

With more than 200 candidates in some phase of development as of early August 2020, and more entering human clinical trials every few weeks, the market landscape is evolving quickly.

The EOI was used to ascertain the likely production volumes of COVID-19 vaccines from each developer and timing of availability (recognizing that many vaccines may not overcome hurdles to test safety and efficacy or might be delayed). Such an assessment was felt to be important to provide an initial view on supply and demand dynamics, and to help UNICEF and the COVAX Facility partners pre-empt challenges and opportunities related to the emerging supply landscape.

The information presented here is taken from the EOI and combined with publicly stated information from manufacturers. The information has not been qualified or risk-adjusted (i.e. information provided taken at face value).

Cover page of the COVID-19 EOI Procurement Public Briefing
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