End violence

Protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse

Poner fin a la violencia

Too many girls and boys are victims of violence, exploitation and abuse in Latin America and the Caribbean, the most violent and unequal region in the world.

Violence has many manifestations, can be physical, sexual or emotional. It can happen at home, in schools, in the community, in migration centres, in orphanages or in youth institutions. It can occur during the first years, school age or adolescence.

Everyday violence violates the rights of millions of children and adolescents, threatens their survival and well-being and prevents them from developing their full potential. Violence leaves physical and psychological consequences, in many cases irreversible, and limits the development and growth of the countries of the region.

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An integral and multidisciplinary approach

Ending violence against children requires a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to address their causes and effects, together with better understanding and better reporting systems to denounce violence against children.

This is done through a double approach:

  • Strengthen the systems of social welfare, child protection, health, education, justice, among others, to prevent violence before it occurs and to respond with adequate services once it happens.
  • Address attitudes and behaviors, promoting lasting change in the way societies raise, educate, discipline and treat their children, both boys and girls.

This approach translates into seven action strategies:

  • Implementation and enforcement of laws
  • Changing norms and values
  • Promote safe environments for children
  • Provide support for parents and caregivers
  • Income and economic strengthening for families
  • Response and support services for children
  • Education and life skills
  • It is imperative and urgent to put an end to violence against children and adolescents

Let's join all our efforts to end violence now!

Child protection programme

Preventing and responding to violence against children is a multisectoral effort. The UNICEF program for Protecting and Preventing Violence against Children is a multisectoral effort. The UNICEF program for the Protection of Children leads and coordinates its work to end violence, working closely with the health, education, gender, social policy, communication, monitoring and other sectors.

The Child Protection programme is structured around three key keys:

  • Prevent and respond to violence and harmful practices in all its forms.
  • Protect migrant, refugee and displaced children.
  • Protect children in contact with the law, including adolescents in the juvenile justice system and children in need of alternative care.

Act now

Let's join all our efforts to end violence now!