Our partnerships

UNICEF joins forces to promote, forge, nurture, set agendas and obtain support for the situation of children in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nuestras Alianzas

UNICEF strongly believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda.

Partnerships not only help mobilize and leverage financial resources towards common goals, but collaborative alliances provide an effective opportunity to co-create solutions to the challenges that emerge in complex development processes.

A joint collaborative action, which also proposes the mobilization of the necessary resources, makes it possible to find solutions that, otherwise, would be more difficult to visualize and articulate adequately, at a level that allows results to be obtained at scale.

Today we see multilateral, intergovernmental and academic institutions at the global and regional level such as the World Bank, the IDB, CAF, DFID, KDI, SIDA, CEPAL, Harvard University, CIDE, FLACSO and UNICEF itself, among others, not only have they formed an opinion based on evidence about the importance of taking advantage of collaborative practice for a better implementation of development agendas, but they are working on the search and practice of effective and innovative ways to support work in partnership and collaboration towards common development objectives.

UNICEF in Latin America and the Caribbean will continue to work closely with multilateral, bilateral and development organizations to fulfill the mandate of UNICEF, to promote the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to increase opportunities for them. offer to fully reach their potential.


Traditional approaches as well as innovative

From the regional office of UNICEF, work will be strengthened in the organization and coordination of activities to ensure the support and implementation of policies, and to achieve the objectives of the organization around the development of alliances towards the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The opportunities include activities carried out by long-term, integrated and multi-faceted alliances that include both traditional and innovative approaches, such as:

  • Promote new and innovative partnerships
  • Commit to the agenda of the Country Offices and their allies
  • Identify opportunities for resource mobilization
  • Participate in analytical and prospective work to improve the effectiveness of alliances

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