From kids’ takeovers to iconic landmarks going blue - it’s World Children’s Day 2018

Highlights from around the world as UNICEF and friends turn the world blue for every child.


World Children’s Day 2018 saw the world turn blue for children everywhere! Catch up on what happened and add your voice to thousands of others who are calling on world leaders to fulfil the rights of every child.  

Going blue around the world

From Sydney to Petra to NYC, the 🌍 has turned 🔵 to shine a light on children's rights this #WorldChildrensDay. How many can you name?

Posted by UNICEF on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Operation blue in Lao PDR


A worldwide celebration

#PassItOn: The All Blacks’ campaign from New Zealand

Adults ask children for advice in the UK

"My wish for every child..."

Friends of UNICEF celebrate World Children's Day

Paddington Bear goes blue