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Supplies and Logistics

Market Influencing

 A strategic focus on essential supplies

UNICEF focuses on commodities that are essential for the needs of children and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Some commodities are easily available and affordable, while the availability of others is limited, or in some instances, non-existent in the quality and price required. UNICEF places a strategic focus on these supplies to shape healthy markets. UNICEF seeks to inlfuence the market to achieve affordable prices, diversified supplier bases, competitive market landscapes, and quality products, fit for purpose, and in the right form for children.

UNICEF seeks to reduce the market barriers and constraints for existing and future products, as well as help develop new products to meet the programmatic needs of children, and build local level capacity to sustain development. Influencing markets requires an understanding of market forces, accurate forecasting, analysis, information transparency, engagement with industry, and a drive to achieve the best possible outcome for children.

Some of UNICEF's Key Market Information Resources

 Market Notes

 Market Dashboard

 Price Database 

 Supplier financing


Key product and market information anaylsis

High-level analysis of 72 key supply markets

Price transparency based on commercial terms

Financing options and sources in support of SMEs

Product Innovation

Validated List of Products


Driving product development

Validated list of health and
nutrition products

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