UNICEF and young people

A generation full of potential and the power to change the world

A group of young people in Côte d'Ivoire

There are 1.8 billion young people in the world.

Imagine what our world could look like if every single one of these young people were supported and empowered to fulfil their potential?

But right now far too many don’t get to realize their goals, or are unable to contribute to their communities.

Globally, over 200 million adolescents are not in school; and many of those who are, feel like they are not learning the skills that they need. Millions are affected by poverty and violence, living their lives in fear. Too many feel like they don’t have a voice.

We want to see a world where all young people feel empowered, are learning without fear, and gaining the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

We need investment. We need action. We need change.

Empowering youth through innovation and technology

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UNICEF video
Eglantinë was concerned about the exclusion of people with Down Syndrome from her community in Kosovo*. She decided to tackle the challenge through 3D printing. *All references to Kosovo are made in the context of UNSC Resolution 1244

Make your voice heard

Never stop having a vision for the future. Visions lead to conversations. Conversations inspire ideas. Ideas cause action. Action creates change. Change makes for a better world.

Destiny, 19, South Africa