Japan pledges US$ 106.66 million contribution to UNICEF from its supplementary budget

Tokyo, 27 February 2015


27 February 2015 – The Government of Japan contributes US$ 106.66 million to UNICEF from its Fiscal Year 2014 supplementary budget for humanitarian responses in 30 countries and territory in African countries, Middle Eastern countries, Afghanistan, and Ukraine. This generous contribution helps children and women, the most vulnerable populations in the societies.

This year, the government significantly increases the volume of its contribution to some of the programmes which require the most urgent supports including those in South Sudan, Somalia, the Central African Republic and the State of Palestine. The generous and continuous support is also allocated to the prolonged Syria Crisis. These countries and territory have been severely affected by conflicts, and the aid from the Japanese government enables UNICEF to deliver life-saving supports swiftly, and effectively to the people in dire need. For example, South Sudan receives a part of the contribution, which helps UNICEF to provide varieties of services such as improved access to safe water, education, treatment of malnutrition, and child protection.

For another example, US$6.75 million goes to West African countries including Sierra Leon, Liberia, and Guinea for the programme to support children and communities affected by the Ebola virus disease. Despite some positive news such as the decline in cases in Liberia, the situation continues to be fragile and it is too soon to assume that we are now ahead of this crisis. With the contribution from the Japanese government, UNICEF supports the countries to fight against the epidemic by building resilience in the communities and strengthening the health systems and social service structures.

“This generous contribution from the Government of Japan and the People of Japan shows Japan’s continuous support for the most vulnerable, which is received with deep gratitude by the people in these countries and territory. Helping children means an investment to the peace and stability of the future. UNICEF delivers essential interventions required for protection, to ensure the rights of children” said Dr. Kunihiko Chris Hirabayashi, Director of UNICEF Tokyo.