Regular resources 2019 report

Achieving the greatest impact for children

Mothers waiting with their newborn babies at the maternity health center in the village of Nassian, in the North East of Côte d'Ivoire.


UNICEF’s Regular Resources (RR) is essentially funding without restrictions, to be used flexibly for children wherever and whenever the need is greatest.

With RR, UNICEF is able to pioneer new ideas for children; work from birth through adolescence; scale up proven solutions globally;  prepare and respond rapidly in emergencies, and contribute to rebuilding efforts; and most importantly given our sustained presence across 190 countries around the world, achieve the greatest impact for children.

The Regular Resources 2019 Report explores the impact that RR has had on children over the decades through a series of stories from the field. When you want to tell the story of the power of UNICEF, tell the story of RR.

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