07 March 2024

Individual Consultants

Who is an Individual Consultant for UNICEF?, Consultants are engaged by UNICEF to provide specialized services for a variety of functions within programmes and operations. Consultants often have skills or knowledge that are not readily available within UNICEF and are engaged for temporary assignments with defined deliverables to be completed within a specified period of time. Individual…, Consultant invoicing, Consultants are paid on the basis of invoices or agreed-on installments upon UNICEF's acceptance of work. All individual consultants with purchase orders (POs) should use the UNICEF Consultant Portal to submit their invoices to UNICEF.   When creating an account in the UNICEF Consultant Portal, consultants must use the personal email address that…, How to submit an invoice, Register Make sure you are registered in UNICEF Consultant Portal. If not, start your registration here. Fill in the the Invoice Template Download the template in the format that best suits you and fill it in with your data. Submit your invoice Upload and submit your invoice., Step-by-Step Guides for Individual Consultants, Registration Login Portal guidance Invoice submission, Consultants FAQs, Registration, Who should register on the UNICEF Consultant Portal?, Only individual consultants with valid contracts/purchase orders (POs) from UNICEF should register. The new consultant portal is being rolled out in phases. Your UNICEF office will inform you accordingly., I am an Individual Consultant with UNICEF. How do I register on the UNICEF Consultant Portal in order to submit my invoice?, To submit your invoice, start by registering on the UNICEF Consultant Portal UNICEF Consultant Porta UNICEF Consultant Portal l . Ensure you register with the personal email address provided for your vendor record. If you are unsure of your registered email address, contact the consultant focal point at your UNICEF office.   Note that only…, What is the UNICEF Consultant Portal account for?, Individual Consultants with POs will use the portal to submit their invoices to UNICEF. After submission, UNICEF will review your request and you will be able to monitor the progress of your submission, including the history of past submissions, directly in the portal., I had previously registered but am having trouble logging in / submitting an invoice., Confirm that the email address and password you are using for login are the same ones you registered with. In case of further issues, please contact Customer care customercare@unicef.org, I have forgotten my password., Please use the portal to reset your password.  , Do I need to re-register if I was already registered on the old portal?, Yes, as the portal has changed you will need to one-time re-register on the new portal., These email providers do not support notifications from the UNICEF portal., Mail.com Freemail.hu However, a consultant can log in to the portal and see all the notifications received., Invoice Submission, How do I prepare an invoice?, There are two invoice templates: the Deliverables Template Deliverables Template and the Travel Template Travel Template (for travel included in the contract/ Purchase Order (PO)).   If travel expenses are in the same currency as the contract/ PO, you can use the Deliverables Template for all items.   However, if travel receipts are in different/…, Where do I submit my invoice?, Invoices must be submitted using the UNICEF Consultant Portal UNICEF Consultant Portal . , When I try to submit my invoice, I don’t see my PO in the system?, Contact the Consultant Focal Point Consultant Focal Point at your office for support.  General reasons for not being able to see the PO in the system may include:  The email address used for portal registration doesn’t match UNICEF’s vendor record. The contract/ PO has expired or has not been fully released in UNICEF’s system., Do I need my supervisor to approve my invoice before I submit it on the portal?, No. Once you have prepared your invoice, submit it directly to UNICEF through the portal. Your supervisor will be notified and will perform the review after a preliminary check., Where do I submit the deliverables agreed in my contract?, Deliverables should be shared directly with your supervisor prior to submitting your invoice. Please note that any invoice submitted prior to deliverables being accepted and approved by your supervisor cannot be processed and will be rejected., Do I need to submit travel receipts?, If travel is a separate item in your contract/ PO, you must attach receipts with your invoice.  If travel receipts are in different/ multiple currencies, it is recommended to use the Travel Template for any travel-related items. For any conversions, please use the applicable UNORE UNORE at the date of the receipt. The invoice template for travel…, How do I change my personal details (e.g., bank account/ email address/ etc.)?, Contact the Consultant Focal Point at your office for support., What do I do if my contract (amount/ deliverables/ duration/ etc.) needs to be amended?, Contact the consultant focal point at your office for support. They will discuss the request with the contract manager/ supervisor., When will I receive the payment?, With support from the supervisor, the invoice should be approved within five working days, after which the payment will be processed with the office’s regular payment run (2–5 times per week, depending on the office). You can monitor the progress of your submission directly in the UNICEF Consultant Portal.  If you do not receive your payment…, Can I submit an invoice for partially completed deliverables?, Partial payments are first to be discussed with your supervisor. With your supervisor’s agreement, the invoice can be submitted through the UNICEF Consultant Portal., Can I submit only travel receipts (supporting documents) without invoices?, No. All travel receipts must accompany an invoice., I submitted an invoice via the portal, but my submission was returned to me requesting further information/ documentation. How do I provide the requested information?, Submit the additional information/ amendment/ documentation via the existing open submission on the portal. Do not create a new submission as this will delay the processing due to additional checks., What should I do if my invoice submission is rejected/ closed without any payment being processed?, Review the explanation provided by UNICEF in the submission.  If the invoice was rejected by your supervisor, please contact your supervisor directly.  For clarification on any reasons mentioned in the rejected case, please contact customercare@unicef.org  , What can I do if my submission is on hold because of an action required by the UNICEF office I work with?, Please contact your consultant focal point or supervisor for further information.