Funding compendium 2022

Analyses of contributions from public and private sector resource partners to UNICEF

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The Funding Compendium 2022 comprises financial information on income and contributions received provided by public and private sector resource partners to UNICEF. It outlines the various funding streams to UNICEF, including Regular Resources, Thematic funding and multi-year resources.

  • In 2022, UNICEF`s total income increased to $9,326 million from $8,122 million in 2021.
  • Of this income,
    • Unearmarked core resources or Regular Resources (RR) amounted to $1,326 million
    • Earmarked Other Resources increased by 19 per cent, to a total of $8,001 million.
  • Public sector income constituted 70 per cent or $6,539 million of total income.
  • Private sector income constituted 29 per cent or $2,665 million of total income.


We are grateful to all our partners with whom we share the achievements for the year 2022. As we look to 2023, we know that the lives of children and adolescents will continue to be impacted and shaped by multiple and growing challenges, with far-reaching effects. This calls on us to work ever closer with our partners to bring humanitarian and development work together with a focus on children and populations in need.

This is a time of urgency and opportunity. Just like fragility can spread, so can resilience. So can solidarity. So can progress. Over the last several decades, the world has made enormous progress for children, spanning every sector. We can do it again – and we must.

Two sisters pose for a photo
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