Education 2.0: skills-based education and digital learning (Egypt)

School girl using a tablet at home in Egypt
UNICEF Egypt, 2020, El-Dalil


With over 23 million students enrolled in pre-primary, primary and secondary education, the Egyptian education system is the biggest in the Middle East and North Africa. However, skills learned at school are often misaligned with skills needed to find decent jobs or engage positively in the development of the country. In late 2017, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MoETE) announced a full-scale transformation of the education system to be completed by 2030, including a move to skills-based learning and an expansion of digital learning. UNICEF has been one of the Government’s key partners in the mainstreaming of a skills-based approach to learning in keeping with the overarching vision of Education 2.0. UNICEF’s other main contribution is to ensure that skills-based learning is available to marginalized children, including those with disabilities and those who are out of school.