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Frequently asked questions
UNICEF Thailand

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding donations

If you have questions regarding your donation to UNICEF Thailand, please email or call 0-2356-9299.

Q: How do I change my address and donation details? 
A: Call 0-2356-9299 or post or email

Q: Can I donate to a specific project/country?
A: While we are very grateful for any donations we receive, we prefer that funds are directed towards a current campaign, an emergency appeal or towards our general Children’s Emergency Fund. This enables us to use the funds where there is the most need and to keep administration costs low.

Q: How do I know that my money won't end up in the wrong hands?
A: UNICEF has a tested system of checks and balances to ensure proper use of funds, including regular and extensive internal and external audits. Spending reports are also published regularly for donors and the public. Transparency measures also include regular field visits by staff to monitor spending and the progress of the programmes we support. 

Q: Can I donate specific items like blankets/clothes?
A: No. UNICEF has its own supply division responsible for sourcing and sending these items to the field in the quickest, most efficient and cost effective way. 
We appreciate your support, and the best way you can support the work of UNICEF worldwide is by donating, fundraising and campaigning. Please visit the ‘Take Action’ page on our website for further information.

Q: How do I know a fundraiser is genuinely raising funds for UNICEF?
A: If you have been approached by person claiming to raise funds for UNICEF and you believe they might not be a genuine fundraiser, please contact  us at 02-356-9299  or email with information on who approached you, how and when.

Q: Why did UNICEF adopt the Face-to-Face approach?
A: The Face-to-Face fundraising programme is aimed at enlisting support from members of the public for the work UNICEF carries out in Thailand.  The Face-to-Face approach offers individuals an opportunity to become regular, monthly supporters of UNICEF’s work, which helps ensure a secure and sustainable source of funding for our long-term programmes for children.

The Face-to-Face approach is a fundraising method that is now being used by many established charitable and development organizations around the world.  Although it is relatively new in Thailand, the method is proving to be very successful thanks to the goodwill of Thai people.

Q: How does UNICEF promote the Face-to-Face programme?
A: The Face-to-Face fundraising approach is promoted person-to-person, and it is a friendly, easily accessible method of giving members of the public a chance to find out more about UNICEF’s work and to become supporters. It is carried out at various locales in and around Bangkok, including at events and in shopping malls and office buildings. This person-to-person approach makes it easy for people who have not previously had the opportunity to contribute to UNICEF’s work – either by signing up to be donors on our website or through one of our direct mail fundraising campaigns – to become regular supporters by agreeing to make donations either once a month or once every six months.

Q: How much is a monthly or once every six months donation?
A: You have a choice of making a monthly donation of Baht 600 or Baht 500 Baht. This works out to only between Baht 16-20 per day, which is a relatively small amount to put aside considering that it goes a long way in helping to improve the well being of children.

Donations once every six months are set at 3,600 Baht, 3,000 Baht and 2,400 Baht. This works out to exactly the same amount as a monthly donation.  We encourage donations once every six months since they help to reduce the overall administrative costs of the programme.

Q: Why does the Programme have only monthly or six-monthly donation schemes?
A: Since UNICEF is entirely funded through voluntary contributions, we need a sustained and steady stream of funding to support our programmes, and  and monthly donations or donations once every six months are the only way to ensure that we will  continue to receive the funding we need to support our work .

Q: How do I make donations to UNICEF via Face-to-Face fundraising approach?
A: The donations are made via a charge to your credit card that is processed through a secure system operated by Bangkok Bank.  Before the first donation to UNICEF is made, you will receive a notification from your credit card company about the donation being charged to your credit card. At this time, or at any time in the future, you can cancel the donation.

Q: How can I be sure that the information I provide will not be used for credit card fraud?
A: The information you provide in order to become a UNICEF donor is safe and secure and you are at no risk of credit card fraud. Face-to-Face fundraisers do not ask for the pin code or security code of your credit card, which ensures that your credit card number can only be used to charge your credit card for the agreed upon donation amount. The only information shared with Bangkok Bank is your name, credit card number, expiry date and the amount of the donation to be charged.

Q: Who is involved in carrying out the Face-to-Face programme?

A: UNICEF has engaged Salesworks Limited and Omniraise Co., Ltd. to help us carry out this programme. The three companies operate in many countries worldwide and now have various charity and development organization clients worldwide.

Q: Why doesn’t UNICEF Thailand use its own staff for this programme?

A: As much as we would like to, we simply do not have the number of staff nor the time needed to carry out a fundraising programme like the Face-to-Face approach.  Our staff members are very busy with and very much focused on the programmes we support for children in Thailand. That is why we have partnered with agencies, which have a great deal of experience with running this kind of a fundraising programme, on the Face-to-Face approach. By working with them, we are actually able to reduce our overall fundraising costs, generate more funding for our programmes, and channel more of your valuable donations directly to programmes for children.

Q: How do I know whether the people trying to raise money for UNICEF are authentic?
A: Face-to-Face fundraisers raising money for UNICEF can be identified through their ID Cards/ badges, the UNICEF blue vests/ t-shirts they wear, and the UNICEF-branded information materials they use when requesting donations. 
You can also contact us directly for further verification by providing us with the full name or ID badge number of the fundraiser you wish to verify or click the link below to check;

Verify Face to Face team members and location for fundraising activities 

Q: I have some feedback regarding a fundraiser. What should I do?
A: We are always striving to improve the quality of this fundraising programme, so we would greatly appreciate it if you could contact us directly with your feedback.  To help us better respond to your feedback, we would also appreciate it if you could also provide us with information on who approached you, how, when and where.

Q: What is Telemarketing fundraising for UNICEF?

A: Telemarketing fundraising is one of UNICEF’s most important and effective ways of recruiting supporters for our work for children in Thailand and across the world. As the name implies, it is a person-to-person recruitment method that involves asking individuals to become supporters of UNICEF’s work for children through regular monthly donations or to upgrade their current donation amount via a secure credit card system. This fundraising approach is used by charities and development organizations around the world. 

Since 2007, this method has been a central part of UNICEF’s fundraising efforts in Thailand to support the work we do for the most vulnerable children. Thanks to the goodwill of the people of Thailand and a widespread understanding of the need to protect and fulfil the rights of all children, these fundraising efforts continue to be successful. The regular and reliable income that this provides is what helps us to be both more efficient and more effective in our work for children, in Thailand and across the world.

Q: How does UNICEF promote the Telemarketing programme?

A: The telemarketing fundraising approach is promoted person-to-person, that means that our fundraisers will approach through telephone to talk with you about the needs of children and our work to address them. It is a friendly, easily accessible method that gives members of the public a chance to find out more about issues facing children and UNICEF’s work and to become supporters. It is carried out during the days. The approach makes it easy for people who have not previously had the opportunity to contribute to UNICEF’s work – either by signing up to be donors on our website or through one of our direct mail fundraising campaigns – to know more about the issues and about our work and to become regular supporters.

Q: Who carries out the Telemarketing programme?

A: UNICEF has engaged Teledirect Telecommerce Thailand Limited, SG Global Support Services SDN. BHD., One-to-One Contacts PCL, and Omniraise Co.,Ltd. to help with the telemarketing programme.  The two companies are highly experienced in this field and operate in a number of countries and with a variety of charities and development organizations.

You can verify whether the telemarketing funderaisers are really UNICEF fundraising team members by asking their ID and check against this list.

Verify telemarketing team members