Thai for Children in Africa

Thai for Children in Africa

The world is facing humanitarian crises on a massive scale. Without your intervention, 1.3 million of children in Africa may die from under nutrition.

Chasing water from space

Satellites imagery shows water trapped between layers of rocks, as deeps as 600 meters. The water is now pumped up to the surface, benefiting Afdera town. This is currently one of the most innovative and exciting UNICEF projects in Afar region, Ethiopia.

An innovative approach to finding fresh water underground in drought-affected areas in Ethiopia.

If you happen to drive by it, the steel pipe standing at attention in the middle of the desert doesn’t look very impressive. Yet, this pipe and the borehole beneath it currently form UNICEF Ethiopia’s most innovative and exciting project in the Afar region.


7 years of Syrian crisis

Civil war

I had heard these terms in history class, abstract concepts I hadn’t paid much attention to. Seven years ago, at the age of eleven, they became my reality.       

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