What we do

Learn about what we do to create a fair chance for every child in Thailand

UNICEF staff is standing with a group of hilltribe children

UNICEF priorities in Thailand

These days we advocate for laws and policies that better deliver on children’s rights while making sure that the human and financial resources needed to carry them out are available. We have around 50 staff members working with our partners to find new and innovative ways to protect the rights of all children in the country and to ensure that the benefits of Thailand’s rapid and impressive development reach the most disadvantaged children.

By bringing together all types of individuals concerned with child rights, we move closer to the day when every child in Thailand, regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or legal status, has a fair chance to grow up in a safe, healthy and protective environment and reach their full potential.

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Addressing disparities

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Promoting holistic early childhood development

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Promoting access to quality education

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Protecting children from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation

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Protecting children and adolescents from HIV and sexually transmitted infections

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Promoting age-appropriate participation of children and adolescents in decisions that affect them

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Strengthening social protection for children

Emergency kit

Providing humanitarian assistance during emergencies