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Crisis in South Sudan

A young man collects water from a water pipe built by UNICEF

Four years into the conflict in South Sudan, more than half of the nation's children are affected.

These children are facing famine, disease, forced recruitment and lack of access to schooling—vulnerabilities that are compounded by the worsening economic conditions and limited access to food and fuel.

Nearly 4 million people are displaced, including 2 million people seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

‘Back to Learning’ education campaign to benefit half a million children

Republic of South Sudan Ministry of Education logo


The fourth phase of the ‘Back to Learning’ initiative launched Tuesday by the Ministry of General Education and Instruction, at Freedom Square in Kapoeta.

The initiative will target the most under-represented communities throughout South Sudan, providing learning opportunities for children currently not attending school, either due to conflict, cultural barriers or obstacles such as distance or family finances.

How solar power fridges are helping save lives in world's least electrified country

Infant receives oral vaccine


Vaccines save lives, but to be effective they need to be kept cool. In South Sudan, the least electrified country in the world, temperatures frequently exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Solar-powered refrigerators offer a solution, but fighting and hazardous roads mean transporting and installing them is anything but straightforward.

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