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Crisis in South Sudan

A young man collects water from a water pipe built by UNICEF

Four years into the conflict in South Sudan, more than half of the nation's children are affected.

These children are facing famine, disease, forced recruitment and lack of access to schooling—vulnerabilities that are compounded by the worsening economic conditions and limited access to food and fuel.

Nearly 4 million people are displaced, including 2 million people seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

3 in 4 children born in South Sudan since independence have known nothing but war – UNICEF

UNICEF photo: During the release ceremony in May 2018, 210 children were formally released from armed groups.


NEW YORK/JUBA, 9 July 2018 – Out of 3.4 million babies born in South Sudan since it became the world’s youngest country in 2011, 2.6 million have been born in war, UNICEF said on the eve of South Sudan’s independence.

Conflict and underdevelopment have plagued South Sudan for decades, leaving its children out of school, malnourished and vulnerable to disease, abuse and exploitation. The prospect of a better future following the country’s independence in 2011 was short-lived following the eruption of a civil war in 2013.

“Many fathers are missing out”

UNICEF photo

Daro Momo lifts his daughter Opia Mirabelle, and starts spinning her around in the middle of the living room. The one and a half-year-old squeals of excitement. Daro wrap his arms around his little girl. Their eyes meet, they both crack a smile.

“You know, she is more used to me now. Even if her mom is in the room she comes running to me”, Daro says looking at his daughter with a gaze beaming of love.

Daro is something you will struggle to come across in South Sudan. He is the primary caretaker in the household.

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