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Crisis in South Sudan

A young man collects water from a water pipe built by UNICEF

Four years into the conflict in South Sudan, more than half of the nation's children are affected.

These children are facing famine, disease, forced recruitment and lack of access to schooling—vulnerabilities that are compounded by the worsening economic conditions and limited access to food and fuel.

Nearly 4 million people are displaced, including 2 million people seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

Conflict pushes South Sudanese into hunger – more than 6 million people face desperate food shortages

UNICEF photo



Call for lasting peace to prevent further food crises

JUBA, 28 September 2018 – Relentless conflict and insecurity throughout the lean the annual lean season pushed 6.1 million people – nearly 60 percent of the population – into extreme hunger in South Sudan, though the situation could improve if a sustainable peace takes hold, three United Nations agencies said today.

Beads and barefoot nurses: South Sudan’s community health workers reach remotest lands

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Slowly passing a string of large white beads through her fingers, healthcare worker Lokale Marko counts the breaths of the six-month old girl held in front of her.

At each breath, another bead slides through her fingers.

Marko, a mother of five and member of a team of trained barefoot health workers, is checking the baby for pneumonia.

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