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Crisis in South Sudan

A 13-year-old student at Rock City Primary School in Juba, South Sudan

While the signing of a peace agreement in September 2018 formally put an end to the conflict in South Sudan, the humanitarian situation remains dire.

The multidimensional crisis is characterized by continued violence, severe food and nutrition insecurity, economic upheaval and disease outbreaks.

Over 4.5 million people have been uprooted, including 2 million people who are internally displaced and 2.5 million people who have taken refuge in neighbouring countries.

In South Sudan, teenage girls struggle to break chains of conflict

UNICEF photo

When three armed men forced Mary* and her sister off a narrow road in South Sudan, the terrified 12-year-old started sobbing. But she had to dry her tears when the rebels threatened to kill her if she did not stop crying.

Now 16 and free, Mary remembers the day-long march that brought her to the rebels’ camp where she would spend the next three years, living in fear of brutal beatings and enemy attacks that sent bullets flying through the air.

Launch of school text books for new South Sudanese National Curriculum

UNICEF photo



6 March 2019 – Tomorrow is a significant day for the education sector of this country as it will adopt and launch South Sudan’s first national textbooks, covering all grades of school education.

The new textbooks have been developed by Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MOGEI) and are based on the new curriculum, the first to be adopted since independence.

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