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Crisis in South Sudan

A young child sucks on a package of PlumpyNut

Renewed conflict has deepened the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, with women and children facing immediate risks of violence, displacement, hunger and life-threatening diseases. These risks are exacerbated by the rapidly deteriorating economic situation, with inflation above 800 per cent.

Children under Attack

Children under Attack report cover

South Sudan enters 5th year of conflict

New report > Childhood under Attack [PDF]

South Sudan is in the throes of a tragedy for children that affects more than half the child population – victims of malnutrition, disease, forced recruitment, violence and the loss of schooling – UNICEF said in a report released today.

In South Sudan, children have become the face of a humanitarian tragedy

A small undernourished child drinks from an orange cup


In the world’s youngest country, an entire generation of children is at stake as they face death, injury, hunger, disease, recruitment, forced displacement and loss of schooling since conflict broke out in December 2013.

Four years later there is limited progress in bringing hostilities to an end. UNICEF continues to deliver for the children at the centre of this conflict.

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