Child Food Poverty

Addressing nutrition deprivation in early childhood.

Amira is in the arms  of her mother with a bread in her hand.
UNICEF South Sudan


Across the world, millions of parents and families are struggling to provide nutritious and diverse foods that young children need to reach their full potential. Growing inequities, conflict, and climate crises, combined with rising food prices, the overabundance of unhealthy foods, harmful food marketing strategies and poor child feeding practices, are condemning millions of children to child food poverty.

Child Food Poverty: Nutrition deprivation in early childhood’ examines the status, trends, inequities and drivers of child food poverty in early childhood. The report also outlines an agenda for tackling the problem, including actions to transform food systems, leverage health systems, and activate social protection systems in ways that put children’s right to food and nutrition in early childhood at the centre.

graphic design of a child eating rice.
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