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Safe water is a right, not a privilege – for every child

UNICEF Nigeria/2017/Akingbulu


Access to safe drinking water remains a challenge to majority of Nigerians, especially those living in the rural areas. The recent Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, conducted by the Government of Nigeria in 2016/17, indicates that about 40 per cent of households and about 69 million people, do not have access to clean water sources.

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Women and men join forces to fight child malnutrtion in northwest Nigeria

UNICEF Nigeria/2017/Kaalu


Hurera Saadu has seen many of her community’s children suffer from malnutrition, some of them dying as a result. The 33 year-old feels fortunate that she didn’t lose any of her own. She fed five of her babies with water as well as breast milk during the first six months of their lives, but only because she didn’t know any better.

Now, as leader of a support group of women volunteers trained by UNICEF in infant and young child feeding, Hurera works tirelessly to ensure Kadawawa doesn’t lose no more.


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