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Children in Nigeria call for leaders to listen on World Children’s Day

UNICEF Nigeria/2017


Poor education, violence against children, and terrorism are among the biggest concerns for children in Nigeria, according to a new survey released by UNICEF on World Children’s Day. The survey was carried out in 14 countries across the world and it involved more than 11,000 9 to 18 year old children. In Nigeria, the online survey carried out among 500 children revealed that 8 in 10 children admitted worrying a lot about poor education affecting children across the world, and 7 in 10 children worry a lot about being personally affected by poverty. The results also indicate that 59 per cent of children do not trust their country’s leaders.

Children across Nigeria “takeover” to mark World Children’s Day

UNICEF Nigeria/2017


From politics to business to media, Children across Nigeria – and the world – have taken over important, high visibility roles to highlight World Children’s Day – 20 November. UNICEF is striving to make World Children’s Day an annual signature moment “For children, By children” all over the world. The goal is to make World Children’s Day a fun day – but with a serious message. 20 November is the anniversary of the 1989 adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has supported substantial and measurable advances in child survival and development, raised awareness of and expanded solutions to child protection risks and promoted child participation as a fundamental right of children.

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UNICEF aims to accelerate the realization of the rights of all children and women to survival, development, protection and participation. We promote efforts to reduce infant, child and maternal mortality; expand access to quality basic education; and strengthen social and child protection systems, using a rights-based and gender-sensitive approach.

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