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Emergency Drought Response Ethiopia has been experiencing one of the worst protracted droughts in decades. In 2015, El Niño-driven weather led to the failure of the main kiremt rainy season from June to September, on the heels of two previous poor rain seasons. Kiremt rains are vital for the meher harvest which produces over 80 per cent of Ethiopia’s agricultural yield – in an industry that employs 85 per cent of the country’s workforce.  Read more



Drought Emergency Highlights Entire Families Not Receiving Primary Education   Drought Emergency Highlights Entire Families Not Receiving Primary Education  “A woman never tells her age,” says Sadeh Abdihayii with a smile, affirming that this taboo is common around the world. She then admits to be 40 years old. We continue, asking her how many of her children are in school. With eight children ranging from nine months to 20 years old, none of them, including Sadeh, have been to school. Ever. Sadeh had hoped one of them could go to school, but circumstances did not allow. “It seems sensible to learn, but we have not been able to,” says Sadeh. read more
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