Paving the way for a climate resilient education system (India)

Children in India
UNICEF India / 2023


India is one of the countries most vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change, ranking 26 out of 163 countries in the UNICEF children’s climate risk index of 2021. In response, UNICEF has engaged with members of national focus group on environmental education to integrate climate change elements into the new National Curriculum Framework (NCF). Once finalised, states will adapt the NCF to their specific contexts and prepare their own versions of the textbooks to use in schools. UNICEF is also tapping into pre-existing programmes to integrate key elements of climate change. These include school safety programmes, child cabinets, adolescent and youth platforms at the school level such as Meena and Raju for girls and boys to converse openly on topics such as climate change, and disaster risk reduction activities to enhance awareness and knowledge around climate change preparedness and resilience.