24 May 2024

Powering progress

Climate change may be the greatest common threat facing the world’s children. In 2023, extreme weather events significantly impacted every continent on the planet, disrupting the essential services children rely on – starting with energy. Without power, water plants cease to function. Hospitals operate without light and medical equipment. Schools…, The case for turning up investment, Report Cover Addressing energy poverty is the right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing: Investing in resilient energy solutions for health, education and water systems can triple the return in developing countries., A green light to take action, UNICEF calls for collective action from the public and private sectors to bring resilient, sustainable and green energy to the communities most vulnerable to climate hazards. Investing in energy resilience can triple the return through positive impacts in health, education and water provision. UNICEF asks for investment also beyond the business…, Sustainable energy powers UNICEF, Hundreds of millions of children live without adequate access to reliable electricity – many of them, in the countries most vulnerable to extreme weather. UNICEF works in more off-grid contexts than nearly any organization on the planet. The world’s largest provider of vaccines, we keep children healthy and safe from disease. We bring clean water…, Solarizing schools, hospitals and water systems, UNICEF builds off-grid solutions to keep vital services turned on. We support the solarization of vaccine cold chain equipment, electrification, heating, and cooling at health facilities and medical warehouses. We connect schools to renewable energy, and install solar-powered water systems in learning centres, health facilities and communities…, Shaping the market for sustainable energy, UNICEF has decades of experience influencing the market to improve access to sustainable, affordable energy products and services. We help activate global supply and demand – engaging with new manufacturers, procuring supplies where they’re most needed, and incentivising companies to innovate products and business models. A brighter life for every…, Rightsizing off-grid solutions, For decades, UNICEF has assessed and influenced the sustainable energy market to identify optimal solutions for development and humanitarian contexts. This means facilitating public and private partnerships to create synergies, implement proofs of concept and scale up delivery. A brighter life for every child >Read on, Engaging governments, We advocate for the inclusion of child-sensitive climate, disaster risk reduction and renewable energy action in public planning – working with governments to facilitate enabling policy environments, enhance national ownership and catalyse public and private investments across sectors. A brighter life for every child >Read on Three children in…, Sustainable energy for sustainable development
19 April 2024

Children and youth call for access to quality climate education

In 2023 alone, millions of people were displaced or died due to extreme weather events. Women and girls in climate hotspots disproportionally suffer the effects of climate impacts, pushing more girls out of school and placing them at greater risk of child marriage, violence, and exploitation. Climate-related disasters disrupt the education of  40…, Making education systems climate-resilient: Global progress , Governments worldwide are taking action to make sure that children have access to climate education, that teachers are supported to teach about climate and sustainability, and that climate-related events do not disrupt children’s education. However, a rapid survey of UNICEF offices in 94 low- and middle-income countries shows inconsistent progress…, Young people: Not just victims but climate action leaders, Children and young people are investing their time and energy in taking climate action to make our world greener and more sustainable. Let us take inspiration from these children and young people who are championing our planet every day.  , Francisco Vera, Portrait of Francisco Vera, 14, UNICEF Youth Advocate from Colombia, made on 5 December 2023 during the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) at Expo City Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am 14 years old, and I was born in Colombia. I live in Spain and I am an activist and defender of the human right to a healthy, clean, and dignified…, Tina, My name is Tina from Egypt, and if you're reading this, you're probably as eco-curious as I am! I am part of a youth collective. We wanted to do more than just catch people's attention. We wanted to change our mindsets. So, we brainstormed and launched "Us and Climate Change." The plan was to equip teachers to be climate mentors, giving them the…, Afroza, Afroza, Bangladesh I am an 18-year-old youth leader from Bangladesh. In our community people face a lot of problems like floods and storms, losing their homes and livelihoods. I am actively involved in youth development and community engagement. I collaborate with fellow youths to develop their skills and tackle pressing issues such as climate…