Gender-responsive emergency preparedness

An action learning brief with principles and priority actions for UNICEF Country Offices

UNICEF/UN0696481/Ahmed Amin Ahmed Mohamed Osma
UNICEF/UN0696481/Ahmed Amin Ahmed Mohamed Osma


This action brief outlines four general principles and six priority actions that pre-position UNICEF Country Offices to implement the Gender Equality Core Commitment for Children in Humanitarian Action.  

The resource is the result of an independent review of 14 UNICEF Country Office Emergency Preparedness Plans and a participatory prioritization exercise that engaged a diverse range of UNICEF leadership and staff from across sections, divisions, and offices in more than 20 Country and Regional Offices. 

All UNICEF Country Offices are encouraged to reference these priority actions as they update their Emergency Preparedness Platforms (EPPs) in consultation with national and local partners.  

Files available for download