Partnering with women- and girl-led organizations

Action learning brief and checklist for gender equality in humanitarian action

UNICEF/UN0685534/Prasad Ngakhusi
UNICEF/UN0685534/Prasad Ngakhusi


Women- and girl-led organizations (WGLOs) are often the first to respond to the needs of their communities at the onset of a crisis. They provide essential services to women, girls, and other marginalized groups, raise awareness around risks to the rights of women and girls, and demand accountability. Yet, despite several international commitments affirming the importance of partnering with WGLOs, and a growing body of good practices on how to do so—WGLOs remain largely under-resourced and overlooked.  

This action learning brief and checklist 

  • makes the case for more partnerships with women- and girl-led organizations 

  • analyzes the barriers that women- and girl-led organizations face in partnering with international organizations,

  • shares case studies of UNICEF Country Offices partnering wth women- and girl-led organizations, and

  • outlines key questions to consider when developing or strengthening partnerships with women- and girl-led organizations 



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