Let's invest in adolescent and youth!

UNICEF is embarking on an ambitious agenda for youth

Jose Alba
A group of graduated students are jumping happily after the graduation ceremony
28 October 2019

Investing in adolescents and youth – their health, well-being, education, protection and participation – has important economic and social returns.  Yet, young people today face a challenging present and an uncertain future; and there is a sense that not enough is being done for this critical second decade of life. It is for this reason that UNICEF is embarking on an ambitious agenda for youth; and convening key stakeholders in a unique coalition for young people to deliver solutions, resources and participation to meet the challenges of children in the second decade of life.

Businesses are a critical stakeholder whose activities, relationships, resources, innovation and influence can play a decisive role in shaping the future and destinies of young people today and tomorrow.

If you develop your business to be 21st century-ready where employees thrive with a career path, enjoy competitive benefits, and have positive work-life balance, it will create a transparent, honest and positive reputation that attracts top talent.

In turn, your business output will improve while you maximize resources, resulting in potentially increased market valuation.

Making your company attractive and inclusive to young people is at the center of this digital transformation. In the end, you know your employees, and you know your business’s needs. Trust your gut and hire the best person for the job. It just might be a young person!

A young man wearing light-colored t-shirt is checking something using a tablet.

UNICEF has partnered with other UN agencies and taken a strategic decision to invest into programmes and solutions that enable adolescents and young people to gain the right skills necessary for employment and entrepreneurship, so that they can build a future for themselves and their communities.  We are committed to continue exploring this amazing opportunity in Thailand and have commissioned a study named “Adolescent’s Pathways to Employability”.  The report will explore young people’s journey as they enter the job market, identifying the many challenges and opportunities that they currently face.  Among them:

  1. the mismatch between labor market requirements and educational instructions, including the employed-but-low-paid especially for young people from low socio-economic background
  2. the inability to access job information and reskilling opportunity, and lastly,
  3. the lack of employment opportunities for marginalized and stigmatized youth.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of this report, please sign up in HERE and we will email you a copy once it’s published.

About This Paper

This document forms part of the “Dare to Dream” campaign, a UNICEF movement which aims to listen and consolidate opinions and insights of young people in understanding which skills are most relevant to their daily lives, and which approaches or teaching methods are most attractive or successful in engaging students to develop these skills and have a fair path to employability. For more information, please visit us at www.unicef.or.th/daretodream