Thailand Education Fact Sheets 2019

Analyses for learning and equity using MICS data

A group of student boys and girls smiling happily.
UNICEF Thailand/2007/Mark Thomas


UNICEF launched the MICS-EAGLE (Education Analysis for Global Learning and Equity) Initiative in 2018 with the objective of improving learning outcomes and equity issues in education by addressing two critical education data problems – gaps in key education indicators, as well as lack of effective data utilization by governments and education stakeholders.  MICS-EAGLE seek to identify specific education issues using MICS data linking to policy discussions.  Based on Thailand MICS 2019, the following nine topics will be analyzed through an equity lens (gender, socio-economic status, geographical location, etc.) throughout the process.

  • Access and completion
  • Skills
  • Early learning
  • Out-of-school children
  • Repetition and Dropouts
  • Child protection
  • Inclusive education
  • Remote learning
  • Pathway analysis
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