Tracking progress on foundational learning

Findings from the RAPID 2023 analysis

Children attending class at the ‘Ecole Coranique Rénové’


Transforming education starts with ensuring all children attain foundational learning – literacy, numeracy and socio-emotional skills which provide the building blocks for all other learning. To this end, a global coalition has been established, inviting governments and stakeholders to endorse the Commitment to Action on Foundational Learning as a first step to accelerate the agenda on foundational learning. 

Organized around the RAPID Framework, this report presents insights on the progress countries have made towards securing foundational learning, using data based on survey responses from 94 low- and middle-income countries and UNICEF’s yearly monitoring exercise with its programme country offices. Complementing the Foundational Learning Action Tracker, an initiative by UNICEF and the Hempel Foundation, this report presents findings on the extent to which RAPID policy actions are being implemented and enabling systems are in place to support them, towards the goal of achieving foundational learning for all. 

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