Report on regular resources 2018: Results for every child

UNICEF’s regular resources are unearmarked and flexible funds

Students attending class in a school in Boutal Bagara, a suburban of Ndjamena, the capital of Chad.
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UNICEF’s Regular Resources (RR) are unearmarked and flexible funds that are invaluable in fulfilling the vital mandate of the organization. This report presents key results achieved with RR in the course of the year, highlights revenue and expense trends, and acknowledges the generosity of government and private-sector donors.

UNICEF contributors know the unique value of RR, which is why they make their contributions without restrictions, trusting UNICEF to make the most of these funds. This unique UNICEF-donor partnership is what allows the organization to reach children who are in the greatest need and at the greatest risk. All UNICEF offices benefit from the allocation of flexible RR – with the major share going directly to delivering life-saving programmes for children, and the balance helping to support the organization’s core structure. As core resources, RR contributions support the bedrock of UNICEF’s development and humanitarian work worldwide, and will continue to be critical to addressing the needs of children and assisting states’ efforts to realize the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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