Global annual results report 2022 : Goal Area 4

Every child lives in a safe and clean environment

a man poses for the camera with his daughter


Goal Area 4 of the UNICEF Strategic Plan, 2022–2025, is to help ensure that every child has access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services and lives in a safe and resilient environment. Under this goal UNICEF provides WASH services through direct support, helps government partners strengthen national WASH systems and addresses climate change, disaster risks and environmental degradation, with a focus on the most vulnerable children.

In 2022 good progress was made in all of these areas.

Over 30 million people were reached with WASH services in development contexts, mainly in fragile countries, and over 39 million were reached in humanitarian emergencies. Progress was made on strengthening WASH systems on several fronts, including sector financing, WASH systems sustainability and promoting the humanitarian–development–peace nexus.

UNICEF ramped up efforts to address the ever-increasing impacts of climate change, environmental degradation, pollution and disasters, with child-sensitive programmes to enhance resilience in 69 countries. UNICEF also engaged and supported children and young people as advocates for climate action at country, regional and global levels including at COP27.

This 2022 report for Goal Area 4 details the programming context, progress and challenges across these results areas.

A man poses for a camera with his daughter
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