Global annual results report 2022: Goal Area 2

Every child, including adolescents, learns and acquires skills for the future

Girls sitting in a classroom on the first day schools reopened in September 2022.


UNICEF’s 2022 Global Annual Results Report on Goal Area 2 summarizes the global education context in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the disproportionate effects of lost learning on the most marginalized girls and boys. The report presents the programme, policy and advocacy efforts supported by UNICEF and its partners across the globe to protect and fulfill the right of children to education.

The report highlights that, as a result of UNICEF’s education programming, 37.9 million out-of-school children accessed education, including 251,565 children with disabilities, 3.1 million children on the move and 18.6 million children in humanitarian settings. Learning materials provided by UNICEF reached 28.3 million children, while 85,099 school management committees or similar bodies received training through UNICEF-supported programmes. In 2022, UNICEF programmes engaged 16.1 million adolescents across 89 countries, including nearly 345,000 adolescents in humanitarian settings. The report concludes with a summary of priorities for future UNICEF programming.

The report features:

  • Global education context
  • Highlights on key accomplishments in the areas of access to education and improved learning for children and adolescents, including in emergencies
  • High-level priorities
  • Voices from the field and spotlights on country-level results
  • A Financial Report
  • A Data Companion
GARR 2022 goal area 2 cover
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