Water under fire, volume 1

Emergencies, development and peace in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

Families collect water from a UNICEF-supported water point in Shakoor neighbourhood, in east Aleppo City in the Syrian Arab Republic.


Every child has the right to water and sanitation. And yet globally, in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, 420 million children lack basic sanitation and 210 million children lack access to safe drinking water. UNICEF launched the Water Under Fire campaign in March 2019 to draw global attention to three fundamental areas where changes are urgently needed to secure access to safe and sustainable water and sanitation in fragile contexts.

This first volume in the campaign’s three-report series is dedicated to the humanitarian–development–peace nexus, which links the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations sustaining peace agenda and the core responsibilities of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Agenda for Humanity. Drawing out these crucial linkages, the report presents practical and evidence-based water and sanitation solutions that can be replicated and scaled up. It highlights the need for leadership to bring about immediate action to accelerate water and sanitation service delivery in fragile and conflict-affected contexts; prevent water-related tensions between groups and political entities; and ensure the right to water and sanitation for every child.

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Water under fire volume 1 cover
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