Addressing the learning crisis

An urgent need to better finance education for the poorest children

Group work helps students to learn from each other. This is one of the techniques teachers are being taught from Pedagogical Advisors to improve quality education at Phonkeo Primary School, Saravane Province Lao PDR.


Although more children than ever are enrolled in school, far too many are not learning. A key factor that affects quality of education is the availability of public funding. Underinvestment in education can result in several conditions that negatively impact how and what children learn. This advocacy brief presents data and analysis on education funding from 42 countries and highlights major disparities in the distribution of public education funding. The brief notes that the lack of resources available for the poorest children is exacerbating a crippling learning crisis, as schools fail to provide quality education for their students. It calls on governments and key stakeholders to urgently address equity in education funding and presents specific actions required to achieve equitable quality education for every child.

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