UNICEF Today & Tomorrow Initiative

Girl on bicycle after cyclone
Naing Linn Soe


To address the growing climate and disaster risk finance gap for children and young people, UNICEF has launched the Today & Tomorrow (TTI) Initiative. TTI is the world’s first integrated climate and disaster risk finance mechanism specifically targeted and designed to be effective for children and young people. The initiative responds to the call for moving away from a traditional ex-post humanitarian response towards a more proactive ex-ante risk management approach as it offers comprehensive climate risk financing through a parametric insurance that is pre-designed to deliver rapid finance for relief and recovery with an explicit focus on children and young people.

Through its Today pillar, the Today & Tomorrow Initiative is designed to provide support for child-centred climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and preparedness / anticipatory action so countries can avert, prevent and minimize climate and disaster risks across hazards while building a low carbon future and strengthening government and other stakeholders' capacities and ownership of practical solutions to build longer-term resilience that needs to start today.

Initially, TTI will be piloted for 3 years, from 2023 to 2025, across 8 countries, including in the Caribbean (Haiti), Africa (Comoros, Madagascar, Mozambique), Asia (Bangladesh), and Pacific Island countries (Fiji, Solomon, Vanuatu). After the pilot phase, the initiative is expected to scale up to more countries and cover other hazards, such as earthquakes, floods and drought, and ultimately reach 1 billion children and young people living in countries at extremely high risk from the impacts of climate change (UNICEF Child Climate Risk Index).

Recipients of post-cyclone aid in Zambia
UNICEF - Case Study 2023

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