How to build an infodemic insights report in six steps


This manual provides an overview of the steps required to develop an infodemic insights report that can be used during an emergency response or for routine health programming where so-called low-level infodemics may be more common. The steps are: 

1. Choose the question that infodemic management insights could help to answer 
2. Identify and select the data sources and develop an analysis plan for each data source 
3. Conduct an integrated analysis across those data sources 
4. Develop strategies and recommendations 
5. Develop an infodemic insights report 
6. Disseminate the infodemic insights report and track the actions  taken.

This manual is written for people with exposure to digital analytics, digital health, communications, behavioural science, health information analysis, health promotion, emergency response and related areas in the context of public health.

Published on 13 July 2023

Cover of the infodemic insights report manual

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