Every child prepared, engaged, safe and resilient

Stories of UNICEF & child-responsive disaster risk reduction in seven counties around the world

Child-responsive DRR
UNICEF/design by Quo


UNICEF works on disaster risk reduction (DRR) in 150 countries. Child-responsive DRR prioritizes children and young people in the whole disaster management cycle, ensuring their individual and collective needs are part of policies, plans and systems. UNICEF and its partners also engage children and young people in DRR activities to strengthen and build on their innovative ideas, skills and capacities to drive solutions.

These stories showcase UNICEF child-responsive DRR in seven regions around the world. 

  • Nepal: DRR in education: Comprehensive School Safety
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis: Subnational risk data: Children’s Climate Risk Index-Disaster Risk Model
  • Armenia: Shock-responsive social protection during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Nigeria: Measles vaccination and healthcare training
  • Indonesia: Climate-resilient sanitation infrastructure
  • Iran: Child-centered community resilience and mental health
  • Malawi: Drone training for DRR and response, including for early warning systems

These stories expand on the examples found in the animation: