UNICEF Winners Inspired by The Sound of Happiness

Behind the scene of the sound

Songporn Leelakitichok
PomPam standing in the middle with 2 winners of online activity for The Sound of Happiness
UNICEF Thailand
19 August 2020

UNICEF supporters get an exclusive experience to participate in the production of The Sound of Happiness! Through our activities, two winners were selected. In addition to a chance to meet famous celebrities in person, the two winners tell their behind-the-scene experience with UNICEF and how it has touched them right at their hearts. 

Silaphorn Phothichairat (Look-Tan), 23, became a UNICEF Thailand supporter because she wants to see equality in education for all children in Thailand. She strongly believes that children have the right to a good quality education, and her dream is to see more children gain an education free of charge. Because of this, she has been actively volunteering for UNICEF for several years and recently submitted her drawing for UNICEF’s COVID-19 colouring booklet for children. This time, of course, she couldn’t miss her chance to participate in a UNICEF activity!

Already a JOOX subscriber, Look-Tan came across the first episode of The Sound of Happiness and thought that it was really interesting to have celebrities, who are loved by many of their fans, tell stories of their personal lives alongside psychiatrists who can reflect on those stories and turn them into important learning moments. Having a host on the podcast also made the heavy content easier to digest and inviting to people after a stressful day, she finds. This was all the more exciting for Look-Tan as she wants to become a podcaster one day!

The winner from the online activity is watching the recording of The Sound of Happiness.
UNICEF Thailand

As a UNICEF winner, to get to sit through all of the production behind the scenes, those few hours were invaluable to her. She was very impressed and inspired by the stories of our guest on that day, PomPam. Now, she recognizes that we always have a choice to look for something good in every bad situation that we encounter. “Every bad day has a flip side in there somewhere,” she said. “I want everyone to live their lives to the fullest. Thank yourself for whatever situations you may have fallen into. No matter who you are or what you have, this can always take you where you want to be,” Look-tan noted on an inspiring note.

Nutch Choeyklinted (Nutch), 50, was first introduced to our work about a year ago by her favourite artist, Peck Palitchoke, and his support for UNICEF’s activities. Since then, she has learned more about the work of UNICEF and our commitment to children’s rights. Now, she is an avid follower of UNICEF activities and hopes to support us in any way she can. 

She lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the lockdown and business closures. It was one of the most stressful periods of her life. To release her stress, she would turn to music on JOOX. The very first episode of The Sound of Happiness featuring her favourite artist had such a positive impact on her, helping her get through those tough times. She has since found a new job and continued to listen to our podcast as it makes her feel better. She loves the podcast’s format with a psychiatrist on each episode, and she finds that their recommendations are useful and genuine, rather than scripted. The way they talk to their guests encourages them to open up and talk about their own problems, she finds.  

After attending the recording of our live podcast, she feels that there is positive energy building up around her. “Happiness can begin from myself. I can also share it with those around me,” said Nutch. “Family is crucial for helping you get through tough times. So talk to them and don’t keep your problems to yourself,” the mother of an 11-year-old advised from her own experience.