Thailand Migration Report 2019

United Nations Thematic Working Group on Migration in Thailand Edited by Benjamin Harkins

Migrant children in their student uniform


The Thailand Migration Report 2019, jointly produced by members of the United Nations Thailand Working Group on Migration, contains 11 chapters covering themes such as working conditions, access to services, remittances, human trafficking and exploitation. Each chapter was written by a specific UN agency and provides up-to-date information on migration trends and patterns in Thailand, as well as independent analysis of migration-related issues and policy developments. UNICEF, along with UNESCO, has co-authored Chapter 6 on Strengthening Access to Services for Migrant Children in Thailand – which discusses migrant children’s access to education, health, child protection services, birth registration, including challenges and key barriers, as well as the situation of children in immigration detention. Recommendations for policy and programmatic changes to improve migration governance are also included. The Thai version of the report will be available in March 2019 after translation is completed.

Thailand Migration Report 2019
United Nations Thematic Working Group on Migration in Thailand
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