Supply Annual Report 2015

Find out how we worked to meet increased demand for affordable lifesaving supplies in a rapidly changing global context.

With a waterfall in the background, a porter carries UNICEF-provided vaccines on difficult terrains on the way to a vaccination campaign at the Barpak Village Development Committee (VDC) health post in Gorkha District, the epicentre of the earthquake in Nepal in 2015.


The Supply Annual Report 2015 provides an overview of key UNICEF supply activities focusing on competition, transparency and collaboration to achieve sustainable markets and value for money. The report also shares insights on UNICEF’s rapidly expanding supply financing solutions, which help address market uncertainties and influence lower prices for life-saving commodities and strengthen countries’ financial self-sustainability to ensure the timely availability of supplies. In 2015, UNICEF, in collaboration with governments and partners, procured $3.428 billion in supplies and services for children.

UNICEF Supply Annual Report 2015
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