Delivering emergency supplies

UNICEF supports children and families affected by conflicts, disease outbreaks and disasters by Responding to emergencies with life-saving supplies mobilizing supplies that range from medical equipment to sanitation kits and temporary learning spaces. While each emergency requires a different response, UNICEF aims to deliver supplies from a…, Photo of the week, UNICEF Staff carrying UNICEF branded boxes. In May 2024, UNICEF Emergency Officer Hedayatullah Mangal distributes hygiene kits to flood-affected families in Baghlan province, Afghanistan. Heavy rainfall and flash floods in Baghlan, Badakhshan and Takhar provinces affected more than 60,000 people and took the lives of 150 people, more than 50 of…, Previous photos, Girl washes her hands with water coming out of a UNICEF jug. Tanzania-UNI577115-2024, Five-year-old Subira uses soap to wash her hands from a UNICEF-provided bucket at the emergency camp set up in the Rufiji District, Tanzania. UNICEF has provided essential WASH supplies, such as 19 water tanks of 5,000 liters each, over 1.2 million water purification tablets, 5,000 pieces of laundry soap. In addition, UNICEF supported with…, UNICEF/UNI577115/Studio 19 A woman wearing a UNICEF vest sits in front of teenage girls in a tent., Displaced adolescent girls settled in Rafah receive the Adolescent Girls Care and Protection Package distributed by UNICEF and its partners. The escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip is having a catastrophic impact on children and families. In Rafah, hundreds of thousands of children have taken shelter, any in tents or informal and unstable…, UNICEF/UNI573000/El Baba Child washes her hands with water from a UNICEF branded container. Haiti-UNI557555-2024, In April 2024, a child during a handwashing training session organized in collaboration with UNICEF in Croix Desprez, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haitians are undergoing some of the worst human rights violations and threats to their lives in the country’s recent history. UNICEF supports children and their families caught in the crossfire of violence…, UNICEF/UNI557555/Erol Mother holds child while receiving a vaccine from a health worker. Benin-UNI561790-2024, Held by his mother, 6-month-old Felix, receives the malaria vaccine at a health center in Allada, in southern Benin, during World Malaria Day, on 25 April 2024. In total, 215,900 doses of RTS,S malaria vaccines, recommended by the WHO and purchased by UNICEF with the support of Gavi, arrived in Benin, marking a significant milestone towards…, UNICEF/UNI561790/ UNICEF staff feeds baby. Mali-UNI554804-2024, Kadiatou Bada, Emergency Specialist at UNICEF, gives enriched porridge to 9-months-old Boubacar Kamien during a nutritional demonstration. In Mali, more than half of the 7.1 million people requiring humanitarian assistance in 2024 are children. UNICEF is on the ground with different response efforts to assist the ever-growing needs of the children…, UNICEF/UNI554804/Keïta UNICEF staff uses MUAC tape on a baby being held by its mother. Sudan-UNI529970-2024, This 15 April 2024 marked the one-year anniversary of the start of the conflict in Sudan, which pushed vulnerable children into even harder situations. More than 90 per cent of the children in the country have no access to formal education and almost 4 million under five are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition. Despite the difficult…, UNICEF/UNI529970/Mohamdeen Child shows a drawing she did inside a tent. Bangladesh-UNI548627-2024, A child displays her artwork in an emergency community hub quickly built by UNICEF to restore vital services for 200 children after the devastating fire that displaced 2,000 people in the Korail Slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alongside the many homes lost, the fire that occurred on 24 March 2024 reached UNICEF's-supported Child Protection Hub, a safe…, UNICEF/UNI548627/Mukut A man belonging to the UNICEF staff supervises a delivery. Somalia-UNI547667-2024, A UNICEF staff member inspects the arrival of health supplies in Somalia which are part of UNICEF’s response to a cholera outbreak in the country. Since January 2024, 4,388 people have been infected with the disease that claimed 54 lives, two-thirds of them children. Cholera has been surging globally since 2021 and preliminary data for 2023 reveal…, UNICEF/UNI547667/Hill UNICEF staff packing boxes Denmark-UNI540717-2024, In 2023, UNICEF supply and logistics function procured $5.244 billion in goods and services for children and their families. At UNICEF’s humanitarian warehouse in Copenhagen, everyday staff carefully packs essential supplies for countries facing emergencies worldwide. Each box they pack contains life-saving supplies, providing vital support to…, UNICEF/UNI540717/Asamoah A womans stands beside a man in front of water jerrycans. DR-Congo-UNI539067-2024, March 2024 - In Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bernadette Sikiliza, mother of four children, has finally access to clean water thanks to a tap installed by UNICEF at the Don Bosco site. In 2022, UNICEF provided critical water and sanitation supplies to 717,704 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where an escalation of…, UNICEF/UNI539067/Benekire A baby lies in incubator while in the background a man wearing medical clothing carefully holds another premature baby. SoP-UNI531331-2024, UNICEF and partners delivered 50 incubators to three hospitals in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. These incubators will help save the lives of hundreds of premature babies. UNICEF continues to support maternal, newborn and child health services in the Gaza. The hostilities in the Gaza Strip are having a catastrophic impact on children and families…, UNICEF/UNI531331/El Baba A group of children in a nutrition centre established by UNICEF and partners, in Delmas, a commune in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haiti-UNI519043-2024, Children in a nutrition centre established by UNICEF and partners, in Delmas, a commune in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. In the centre, internally displaced children undergo nutritional screening and receive treatment for malnutrition. Haitians are facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the country’s recent history. In 2024, UNICEF…, UNICEF/UNI519043/Joseph Girl washes her hands with water coming out of a UNICEF jug. A woman wearing a UNICEF vest sits in front of teenage girls in a tent. Child washes her hands with water from a UNICEF branded container. Mother holds child while receiving a vaccine from a health worker. UNICEF staff feeds baby. UNICEF staff uses MUAC tape on a…, Featured video, Our emergency response

Pre-packed kits for emergencies and beyond

In response to emergencies, UNICEF has designed pre-packed kits to meet the various needs of children and their families in vulnerable or under-resourced situations. The items in these kits are especially critical for delivering medical care, safe water and hygiene, protection and education to restore a sense of normalcy for children amid…, Medical care, Icon showing a hand below a cross symbolizing healthcare Cervical Cancer Toolkit, Often referred to as a silent killer, cervical cancer may take years to develop. However, once symptoms are present, it is often too late to treat. Prevention, screening and early treatment are vital to save lives. UNICEF offers the Cervical Cancer Toolkit, a comprehensive tool for combating the disease. Read more, Interagency Emergency Health Kit Icon Interagency Emergency Health Kit, Medicines and medical equipment to meet the initial primary healthcare needs of a population of 10,000 people for three months. Custom modules can be added to serve more specific needs, such as the Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) kit for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections., Midwifery Kit Icon Midwifery Kit, Supplies for midwives, including basic medicines and equipment to handle 50 normal deliveries. Read more, Obstetric Surgical Kit Icon Obstetric Surgical Kit, Supplies for maternal and neo-natal care, such as surgical instruments and basic sterilization and resuscitation equipment to handle an average of 100 deliveries, including those with complications and surgery. Read more, Water, sanitation and hygiene, WASH and Dignity Kit Icon WASH and Dignity Kit, One of the first to be deployed in a sudden-onset emergency, including buckets, soap, menstrual hygiene management items such as multi-purpose cloth and pads. Read more, Acute Watery Diarrhoea Kit Icon Acute Watery Diarrhoea Kits, Supplies for healthcare providers to manage acute watery diarrhoea, which can be fatal for children in under-resourced settings. The kit includes water treatment supplies and medical equipment., Education and protection, Recreation Kit Icon Recreation Kit, Footballs, handballs, skipping ropes and other supplies that can simultaneously engage up to 90 children aged 7-18 children in games and sports activities, providing them therapy during conflicts and disasters. Read more, School-in-a-Box Icon School-in-a-Box, Education materials to ensure children can continue learning in emergency or other under-resourced settings. Books and games in local languages often supplement the standard kit. Read more, Early Childhood Development Kit Icon Early Childhood Development Kit, Puzzles and games, puppets for storytelling, art supplies, soaps and water containers to promote hygiene. The kit gives young children access to play and learning in emergency or other under-resourced settings. Read more, Adolescent Adolescent Kit, The kit supports learning life skills and community engagement while prioritizing psychosocial well-being during conflicts and disasters. Tools like “inspiration cards” and “emotion cubes” help engage adolescents in a range of activities. Boys playing at a kindergarten with UNICEF supplies Boys playing at a kindergarten in Hin Vernashen village…, More to explore, Technical resources

From crisis to recovery: How critical supplies are supporting flood-affected children in Pakistan

When monsoon rains triggered Devastating floods in Pakistan Pakistan's most devastating floods in recent history , the resulting humanitarian crisis affected 33 million people and took almost 1,800 lives. UNICEF immediately raced to deliver life-saving supplies to communities inundated by the floodwaters.   Masooma Qazilbash, Programme Specialist…, A mammoth supply effort, Staff oversee the unloading of humanitarian supplies On 4 September 2022, UNICEF staff oversee the unloading of humanitarian supplies for flood-affected people in Pakistan from a charter flight at Karachi Airport In Pakistan, UNICEF had supplies prepared to meet the immediate needs of around 150,000 people. My amazing supply and logistics…, Reaching vulnerable communities, A child carries a hygiene kit On 30 August 2022, a child carries a hygiene kit supplied by UNICEF in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Seeing the flooding first-hand was unbelievable. Miles and miles of land completely underwater. You could only see the tops of trees and rooftops in some places. Entire villages were turned into lakes. Honestly, it was…, Back to school, Children attend a temporary learning centre inside a UNICEF High-Performance Tent On 7 September 2022, children attend a temporary learning centre inside a UNICEF High-Performance Tent in Balochistan Province. The local primary school had been badly damaged by the floods. We quickly set up temporary learning spaces using tents and tarps. Soon…, Clean water, People collect water from a collapsible water tank Families that took refuge on higher ground collect water from a collapsible water tank installed by UNICEF in Sindh Province. Clean drinking water was desperately needed. Wells and infrastructure were damaged, leaving communities only stagnant ponds to access water. Drinking it was life-…, Nutrition, Reshma feeds ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) to her 16-month-old son Azaan Ali UNICEF/UN0705925/Noorani On 12 September 2022, Reshma feeds ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) to her 16-month-old son Azaan Ali. The RUTF was provided by a UNICEF-supported mobile clinic in Sindh Province. A child with his parents UNICEF/UN0801636/Hasnain Six…, Protection against the elements, UNICEF staff helps a girl put on shoes Zaheer Ahmad, UNICEF Pakistan, helps 3-year-old Muskan from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province put on shoes which were part of a winter kit provided by UNICEF. The kits were distributed to families that lost their homes and faced freezing conditions as winter arrived. The floods destroyed over 2 million homes right…, UNICEF response to Pakistan floods in numbers