Supply Annual Report 2014

Find out how the Supply team helped UNICEF stay agile, responsive and efficient in delivering supplies for children.

Victoria Kiko, a senior warehouse assistant for UNICEF in South Sudan, stands in the town of Kiech Kon in Upper Nile State – where UNICEF and partner organisations have deployed a rapid response team to assist displaced people in remote and hard-to-reach areas affected by the conflict, in August 2014.


The 2014 Supply Annual Report provides an overview of key UNICEF Supply activities and detailed statistics for the year. UNICEF procured over $3.3 billion worth of supplies and services for children, including $1.65 billion of supplies procured on behalf of 100 governments.

The report shares insights into how the Supply Community – UNICEF’s  nearly 1,000 supply staff – helps UNICEF respond to the current global context of children’s needs. This includes working with industry to create competitive, sustainable markets to achieve value for money, sharing technical expertise that empowers governments and partners to build stable, efficient supply chains and innovation that improves or identifies new products that are better adapted, more affordable and more inclusive.

UNICEF Supply Annual Report 2014
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