Pricing data

Find prices of essential and strategic products procured by UNICEF.

A young girl in Masaka, Rwanda winces while receiving her HPV vaccination, in September 2018.

UNICEF Price Data Overview

Access our interactive platform to visualize past, current, and future pricing data for products procured by UNICEF.

This database includes pricing information about vaccines, safe injection and nutrition products, mosquito nets and cold chain equipment.

We are working to expand this tool with pricing data covering a wider range of products.

For more information about how to use the database, please read the “User Guide” .

Historical pricing information

Explore historical data on prices of vaccines and other strategic products procured by UNICEF.  The data from previous years was prepared after consultations with UNICEF suppliers.

Prices paid are based on our mandate, aggregated quantities, commercial terms, reliability of forecasts, payment terms and long-standing relationship with industry.


Antiretroviral medicines price data

Other supplies