A Rohingya refugee boy’s quest for an education

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Rashed: A strong boy

When over 800,000 Rohingya people fled Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh in the summer of 2017, UNICEF was on the ground with life-saving support. But now, one year on, new challenges have emerged as the futures of half a million children hang in the balance.

Daily life is dominated by the search for food and water, and coping with living conditions that are difficult and dangerous. For adolescents in particular, school has become a distant memory.

In this three-part series, UNICEF invites you to follow 13-year-old Rashed on his quest to find an education in Kutupalong Refugee Camp and fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor.

Part 1: Happy together

As he helps his family to reinforce their home to withstand the impending monsoon season, Rashed recounts his family’s harrowing journey from Myanmar and his fear of missing out on his education.

Part 2: Lessons

A brilliant student without a real school, Rashed visits a UNICEF Learning Centre, an Islamic school and a private tutor to get the education he needs.

Part 3: Jumma

When Rashed’s private lessons take a turn for the worse, he receives a visit from a UNICEF team member who encourages him not to give up.



Rashed: A Strong Boy
Directed, shot and edited by Timour Gregory
Produced by Timour Gregory and UNICEF
Additional footage courtesy of Kyle O’Donoghue, Thomas Nybo and Tanya Bindra

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