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UNICEF's Partnership with Romania for 2018 – 2022

Three children benefiting from the UNICEF Minimum Package of Services smiling to the camera
UNICEF/Gabriel Vockel

UNICEF initiatives in Romania

A family with several children supported through UNICEF Minimum Package of Services Initiative

Developing models so that all children are protected, safe and healthy, having decent living conditions, and access to quality education.

Social inclusion of all children is at the core of UNICEF’s mandate in Romania. To accomplish this, we, along with our partners, central and local authorities and NGOs, developed two models: The Minimum Package of Services for vulnerable children and their families; and the Quality Inclusive Education Package. These models focus on preventing unnecessary separation  of children from their families, poverty, early pregnancies, illness, discrimination, absenteeism and school dropouts. They are now ready to be scaled-up nationwide, with national or European funding.

Through Communication for Social Change campaigns we are also working on preventing discrimination and violence against children and empowering parents, caregivers and legal guardians, to provide a protective, stimulating environment for every child.

UNICEF is also mobilizing resources from private individuals, private sector companies and foundations to support children in Romania and beyond.   

Supporting central authorities to implement evidence-based policies for children and their families, focusing on the most vulnerable ones.

UNICEF in Romania makes regular situation analyses looking into how UNICEF and its partners, NGOs and other experts, can intervene and work with central and local authorities to address unresolved issues.  

UNICEF continues to work closely with the Government of Romania to support the country’s access to financial resources from the European Union and from European Economic Area Grants.

On 21 September 2017, the National Authority for the Protection of Child Rights and Adoption, together with UNICEF in Romania, the World Bank, and with the support of Constanța County Council – the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection have organised a media briefing focused on the issue of deinstitutionalisation.
The mayor of Bacau giving voice to a child

Sharing Romania’s best practices with other countries to promote child rights worldwide.

Romania has made great strides in the last three decades and the country has good experiences to share internationally. Deinstitutionalization of children and parenting education achievements are two of the areas where Romania can help other states in the region and beyond to accelerate progress.

UNICEF works with the Romanian authorities to identify good practices and, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, promotes and shares these good practices with other countries.

UNICEF joined forces with the Government of Romania to champion child participation as a priority during the Romanian Presidency of the Council of European Union and beyond.