Supply annual report 2019

Scaling up for impact

A boy at the billboard in a school in Gourou Kirey, a suburban of Niamey, the capital of Niger.


In 2019, UNICEF procured $3.826 billion in goods and services for children in 150 countries and areas.

The 2019 Supply Annual Report highlights how UNICEF scaled up its supply and logistics operations to meet the evolving needs of children and families worldwide. These range from championing efforts to bring new products to market to harnessing technology to streamline supply operations and using special financing tools to support governments to deliver supplies. Examples include:

  • Scaling-up vaccine procurement in an evolving landscape of supply and demand, and the cold chain equipment infrastructure required to keep vaccines safe; 
  • Pre-financing tools to support countries utilizing domestic resources to deliver supplies to children on time;
  • Creating a mobile phone app that uses real-time data to facilitate a faster delivery and improved management of supplies for UNICEF staff; 
  • Recycling steel from end-of-life ships to build longer-lasting, quality learning centres for refugee children in Bangladesh;
  • Using high-performance tents for humanitarian responses to support essential services in education, health, nutrition and child protection.

The report also highlights how UNICEF scaled up health emergency preparedness following the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa to strengthen its supply response in health emergencies.

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