Mapping the nexus: media reporting of violence against girls and the normalization of violence

A joint report by UNICEF and UN Women

Mapping the nexus


The media industry has an unprecedented influence on how entire societies perpetuate gender inequality, from discriminatory norms and stereotypes to the normalization of violence against girls. On the other hand, media reporting also has the immense potential to combat the root causes of violence against women and girls, promote positive social and gender norms, and support risk mitigation through the provision of essential information to survivors, victims and those who wish to support them. In this report and accompanying recording below, we take a look at the evidence for both.

To complement the full report, there is an Executive Summary and the 10 Essentials, which were developed as a call to action for key stakeholders, including media practitioners, media organizations, the United Nations, and other human rights agencies.

Download the report or watch the evidence review (in English and Spanish) presented live by research partner, Ladysmith Collective, followed by a panel discussion with industry experts. 



UNICEF and UN Women
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