Global Annual Results Report 2020: Goal Area 3

Ensuring that every child is protected from violence and exploitation


COVID-19 began as a global public health emergency but evolved rapidly into a child rights crisis that is unprecedented in both the universality of its scope and the inequality of its impacts. Children and women across countries and contexts faced increasing and intensifying threats to their safety and wellbeing – including abuse, violence, exploitation, neglect and separation from caregivers. 

UNICEF worked in over 154 countries in 2020 to protect children against violence and exploitation, particularly in the context of COVID-19 with an investment of nearly US$712 million, including $393 million for humanitarian action in 145 offices, and reached 54 per cent more children who experienced violence with health, social work or justice and law enforcement services, compared to 2019.   

This report summarizes how UNICEF and its partners contributed to Goal Area 3 in 2020 and reviews the impact of these accomplishments on children and the communities in which they live.

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