Global annual results report 2019: Communication for Development

Progress, results achieved and lessons in effecting positive social and behavioural change in 2019

A man and a woman holding their newborn baby swaddled in blankets


Communication for Development (C4D) is one of the core change strategies that contribute directly to the achievement of results within each of the goal areas of the UNICEF Strategic Plan, 2018–2021. By identifying and addressing social norms, behaviours and practices, C4D strengthens programming and improves outcomes for children and adolescents.

C4D approaches are essential to foundational cross-cutting change strategies for the achievement of programme results. With people and child-centered development at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, C4D programming remains a unique asset amongst UNICEF’s comparative advantages and potential for further accelerating progress towards the fulfilment of the rights of children, families and communities.

This report summarizes how UNICEF and its partners contributed to C4D in 2019, illustrates how C4D strategies contribute to positive social and behavioural change and reviews the impact of these accomplishments on children and the communities where they live.

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