Education Sector Analysis

Methodological guidelines - Volume3

Abdul Aziz Mounkeila learns to read Braille at Ecole Yantala 2 in Niger.
GPE/Kelley Lynch


This present volume is the third in a series of education sector analysis (ESA) guidelines following two volumes published in 2014. The series provides methodologies and applied examples for diagnosing education systems and informing national education policies and plans. This volume proposes guidelines to strengthen national capacities in analyzing education systems in four areas: inclusive education system for children with disabilities, risk analysis for resilient education systems, functioning and effectiveness of the educational administration, and stakeholder mapping and problem-driven analysis (governance and political economy).

The present volume was prepared by experts from various backgrounds (including education, economics, sociology, political science and other social sciences) from UNESCO‘s International Institute for Educational Planning, UNICEF, the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and the Global Partnership for Education.

gathering of pupils in the shape of a circle in the schoolyard
UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning, UNICEF, Global Partnership for Education, Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office
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