Increasing Women’s Representation in School Leadership

A promising path towards improving learning

A teacher smiles while standing at the front of a classroom
UNICEF/UN0507551/Frank Dejongh


Emerging evidence shows a positive association between women school leaders and student performance. Some studies suggest women school leaders are more likely than their male counterparts to adopt effective management practices that may contribute to improved outcomes. However, women remain largely underrepresented in school leadership positions, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

This brief presents emerging insights on the association between women school leaders and education outcomes and draws attention to women’s underrepresentation in school leadership roles. It highlights the need for further research on gender and school leadership to identify policies and practices that can be implemented to increase women’s representation and scale high-quality management practices adopted by women leaders to more schools to improve education outcomes for all children.

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Jessica Bergmann; Maria Carolina Alban Conto; Mathieu Brossard
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English, French

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