Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: What you should know

How to protect yourself and your children.

Students wash their hands
UNICEF/2019/Arimacs Wilander

The world faces an unprecedented global health and socio-economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Indonesia, the lives of millions of children and their families have already been upended. Lockdowns and school closures are affecting their education, mental health and access to basic health services.

Since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Indonesia, UNICEF has been leading efforts with the government, the World Health Organization and other partners to respond to the pandemic. 

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Statement from UNICEF Indonesia on Coronavirus (Covid-19): Protect yourself by getting accurate information

UNICEF is aware that misleading information on COVID-19, purporting to be from UNICEF, is circulating online. If you encounter suspicious online messages or social media posts – including some which may cite UNICEF as the source – please first verify their accuracy for yourself by visiting the websites of credible information sources below, before sharing the information with others.


Accurate information on Coronavirus is also available via U-Report's Chatbot on Whatsapp . Click here to register.