WASH Training Catalogue

Training and Learning Resources for WASH Sector


Skilled sector professionals and well-informed policymakers are key ingredients for achieving our mission to bring WASH services to children and families around the world. We highly value the talents and capacity of WASH professionals as the core assets to drive our global vision : to realize the human rights to water and sanitation for all and build a diverse, gender equal WASH workforce that taps into the talents of young people around the world.

This training catalogue comes at the right time to enhance and expand our knowledge base in a rapidly changing global context. The catalogue covers all the major WASH topics, and courses range from the basics and fundamentals, to advanced courses with in-depth subject detail. As change starts with the increased knowledge and capacity of our core professional staff, we look forward to seeing increased uptake of these training courses offered by UNICEF and partners and making WASH an exciting and rewarding career path.

We hope you find this training catalog useful for exploring the learning and capacity development needs of WASH colleagues in the sector. 

WASH Training Catalog

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