Unleashing the potential of youth through the Youth Learning Passport (Jordan)

Adolescent girl in Jordan using the Youth Learning Passport via mobile phone
UNICEF Jordan, 2020


Young people, particularly in rural areas, either have poor internet connection, no internet, or lack the devices needed to stay connected. They also lack the digital literacy skills necessary to tap into the potential of the country’s growing Information and Communication Technology sector, which accounts for 12 per cent of Jordan’s Gross Domestic Product. The Youth Learning Passport, launched in June 2020, provides a critical bridge to help disadvantaged youth—especially girls, refugees, and adolescents with disabilities who are most at risk of long-term unemployment—access digital learning and training. It offers a wide range of content, including courses on basic and advanced digital skills, coding and software development, life skills, social entrepreneurship, financial literacy, technical and vocational subjects, as well as the English language.

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